Mesa Farmers Market and Flea vendor Faq

How do I become a Market Vendor?

See our ‘Become a Vendor’ page and read through our Vendor Handbook then fill out our Vendor Interest form if you are still interested.

IS MFMF a growers only market?

Yes, MFMF is a growers only market, this means that farmers who participate must only sell product that they themselves have grown.

What is the policy for makers regarding where their product comes from?

Those makers who bring the ‘flea’ component to the market or that sell artisanal food products must make the product themselves or within their company. Put another way, vendors of the market cannot purchase a product from someone else to resell at the market. If their goods are something that they have designed themselves but a component is purchased through a third party such as apparel, they qualify to sell at the market. The MFMF approval committee has the final say in this matter and will decide if the product being sold is made within the spirit of the market guidelines.

what fees are associated with being a vendor?

Vendor fees are as follows and are due monthly:

  • 10 x 10 booth space - $25/week + 5% of sales over $500 (not including the first $500)

  • 10 x 20 booth space - $40/week + 5% of sales over $500 (not including the first $500)

  • Farmer booth space - $25/week for 10 x 10 foot booth, $40/week for 10 x 20 foot booth + 5% of sales over $500 (not including the first $500, $50 cap)

  • Food Truck space - $40/week + 5% of sales over $500 (not including the first $500)

  • Live entertainers will be coordinated weekly and receive free space to entertain and a small payment from the market’s general fund

Sales are reported weekly at the end of each market. Vendors are also required to pay an annual deposit of $100. If a vendor completes their one year contract and decides not to participate again, they will receive their full deposit back. If the vendor decides to continue on for another year, their deposit rolls over to the next year. If a vendor decides that they no longer wish to participate in the market prior to the end of their one year contract the vendor forfeits their deposit. Only vendors considered ‘in good standing’ with the market will receive their full deposit back.

How Do I pay my vendor fees?

Vendor fees are paid electronically on or before the first Saturday of each month for the previous month’s markets. Vendors have the option of paying via credit card or ACH in our Vendor Portal on our Payment Platform link.

What if one vendor discovers that another vendor is breaking one of the market’s policies?

MFMF has a Vendor Concern Form that any participating vendors may submit to the market managers for review. If the vendor in question is caught breaking a policy, they may potentially receive a warning, or if multiple warnings have already been issued, they may be removed from participating in the market.

As a vendor, am I required to have a license or a permit to sell at mfmf?

Yes, the following is a list that may include some but not all required licenses:

Growers or Farmers do not require a license as long as they are only selling raw fruits or vegetables, but they are required to have a farm inspection from Maricopa County. If a vendor is an egg producer, an Arizona Egg Producer License is required.

Check out the link here to see how Arizona State Legislation supports farmers selling.

Food Trucks and Trailers are required to have a valid Maricopa County Health Department permit (Peddlers Permit) and Liability Insurance, as well as an inspection from the Mesa Fire Department.

Food Vendors are required to have a valid Maricopa County Health Department permit (Peddlers Permit) and Liability Insurance.

Flea or Maker Vendors may be required to have Liability Insurance depending on the product(s) they are selling.

If you are a food vendor of any kind, please reference our Vendor Resources page and utilize the tools that we have linked to Maricopa County’s website. All food vendors are required to be in compliance with Maricopa County’s safety standards and may be asked to leave the market if violations occur.

Vendors are NOT required to get a peddlers license through the City of Mesa. Mesa Farmers Market and Flea has an agreement with the City of Mesa that acts as an umbrella policy for its official vendors.

As a vendor, do i need to pay taxes?

Yes, all MFMF vendors are required to pay sales tax to the City of Mesa and the State of Arizona. This is referred to as Transaction Privilege Tax or TPT and both can be paid monthly through the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website. If you need to apply for your TPT license you can do so here. Mesa Farmers Market and Flea requires that all of its vendors are in compliance with this. If it is discovered that a vendor is not paying their TPT they will no longer be eligible to sell at the market.

How are vendors chosen for the market?

All vendors are screened through our vendor interest form using the following rubric. If the vendor does not score high enough to meet the necessary standards to participate, they are notified and are allowed to reapply in 6 months.

If a vendor passes the screening process and applies formally to be a part of the market they are graded on a more detailed rubric; one for farmers, makers and one for food artisans/trucks. If they do not meet the minimum scores to qualify, they will be notified of the area(s) that they need improvement on and can apply again in 6 months. If a vendor qualifies but the market does not have available lot space or there is another participating vendor that sells a product that is similar, the vendor may request to be placed on our waiting list.

Ultimately, the market operators have the final say on whether or not a vendor meets the goals of the market as a whole and will successfully contribute toward the overall mission of Mesa Farmers Market and Flea.